The Genre Guide

Each genre of Metal, of which there are many, has its own rules and aesthetics. Here things can get weirdly specific. For example, bands in a genre often have the same kind of logos, but depending on subgenre or microgenre, bands may have a different kind of logo, and a logo style can even depend on a band’s locality!

As you can imagine, it can get complicated fairly quickly when you’re trying to get a handle on what’s what and how things play out visually, concretely, and practically – especially if you’re not in the know.

In order to facilitate understanding, I created a ton of sample logos – covering a broad range of genres and subgenres, and microgenres – that have been “vetted” by scene veterans. Additionally, I added some humorous, insightful, tongue-in-cheek commentary to give you some idea into the design process of each of these genre logos.

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Acknowledgements and References

Sample Logos

Avant-Garde Metal Bay Area Thrash Blackened Crust Blackened Death Metal Blackened Thrash Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Black Metal Crossover Thrash Cute Metal Deathcore Death-Doom Deathgrind Deathgrind Djent Drone Metal Ecumenical Metal Florida Death Doom Metal Folk Metal Funk Metal Gothic Metal Grindcore Groove Metal Hair Metal Heavy Metal Industrial Metal Melodic Death Metal Metalcore Nintendo Metal Nu Metal New Wave of British Heavy Metal Pagan Black Metal Pirate Metal Porngrind Post-Metal Post-Black Metal Power Metal Progressive Metal Rasterized Death Metal Sludge Metal Stoner Metal Speed Metal Symphonic Metal Technical Death Metal Technical Death Metal Teutonic Thrash Metal Unblack Metal US Thrash Metal War Metal