War Metal

Someone suggested I add another distinct subgenre of Black Metal, namely War Metal (you know who you are). It’s a genre I’m far from familiar with, in part maybe because the term “War Metal” is contested and ill-defined like many genres, which is why musicologists would rather do away with the notion of a “genre” … but that’s a whole different topic for another time and other people. The point of contention is that, according to some, War Metal is basically nothing other than Blackened Death (which wll be discussed below). Others, meanwhile, feel that the term Blackened Death is too broad to be meaningful and that War Metal has its own style and philosophy that sets it apart not just from Blackened Death, but from all subgenres of Black Metal.

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Logo-wise, War Metal bands seem to have a thing for black “negative space” letters with a white keyline detail, giving the whole logo an embossed effect illusion. One extra detail to add to the letters are long, pointed spikes, or perhaps rather pointed bullet cartridges, that protrude from the letters’ edges. Together, they give the logo an uneasy impression – it’s as if you’re looking at something of the Lovecraftian void; it’s not there, yet it is – when trying to grasp it, it hurts.

War Metal

Blackened Death Metal Black Metal

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