Judging by its name you’d think bands in this genre have taken things to the Next Level Beyond Metal. In a way, they have. Seeing what these guys and gals are doing – it’s all very ambitious, it’s the next level for the Metalhead who wants to be intellectually challenged. While the plebs are still gushing over Immolation’s latest simultaneous(!) callous-shredding guitar leads and legato melodic lines and reveling in Cannibal Corpse’s lyrics about necrogenic resurrections, Post-Metallers rather choose to set the tastes of the “thinking man,” exploring textures and timbre.

If you’re not sure what you’re listening to is Post-Metal – wait until the lyrics kick in. What few there are, are typically interspersed with lecture recordings of Jacques Derrida or more often Michel Foucault.

A Post-Metal logo could be anything from a casual wordmark to a hand-lettered logo with a more custom and unique feel. Regardless of novelty, Post-Metal logos all have the same letter treatment: they all look like they’re dissolving or fading. Now, mind you, they’re not fading out of existence, they’re just moving to a higher plain – and they encourage you to follow them – to the heights of Reason and Illumination. Post-Metal

And if the band name consists of several words, the words are set in different sizes of type and placed at different heights from the baseline.

Some Post-Metal bands to check out:

Post-Black Metal

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