Power Metal and True Metal

Power Metal takes its inspiration from both “traditional” Heavy Metal and Speed Metal and fuses the elements therefrom with theatrics and bombast in an effort to create something emotionally impactful and powerful. (More often, however, the result is akin to Wagnerian bathos, which is no doubt the reason why Power Metal is only really popular in Germany and German-speaking Europe.) This may be why Power logos are often rendered in full 3D, with a metallic or stony texture. Because, you know, Power Metal is that deep and powerful! Like metal or stone!

Power Metal

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Power Metal and True Metal (continued)

Though most Power Metal bands’ content is of epic nature (i.e. inspired by “high” fantasy and swords-and-sorcery fantasy writing), a very specific subset of Power Metal bands rather deal with “authenticity.” Collectively, this microgenre can be accurately dubbed “True Metal.” Bands in this genre (Majesty, Manowar, Wizard) strive to create music that is “true” to the style and feel of classic Heavy Metal, and their lyrics focus not so much on swords-and-sorcery fantasy – they only sing on matters of the heart.

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Some True Metal bands to check out:
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