Sludge Metal

Musically, Sludge Metal in many ways is like Stoner Metal, with the only real difference being that Sludge Metal is not about being happily stoned. Quite the opposite, in fact – its tunes ooze a decadent and depressive atmosphere. In that it’s more like the aural equivalent of a bad trip.

In terms of logos, Sludge Metal rather shares similarities with Post-Metal. But this leads to the problem that these logos could look like anything from hand-lettered comics-type logos to contemporary pseudo-art nouveau logos to Melodic Death Metal-styled wordmarks. No, that’s not completely true across the board. If it looks like it was drawn by a Parkinson’s patient sitting on top of a spinning washing machine – it’s more likely to be a Sludge logo.

Sludge Metal

Some Sludge Metal bands to check out:

Doom Metal Stoner Metal

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