Porngrind (short for Pornogrind)


This warning may be a bit late in the guide, but you should use caution in allowing your youngsters or colleagues to see you reading this.

Some people suggested I should add some distinct subgenres of Grindcore. There are quite a few, such as Goregrind (Cliteater, Haemorrhage, General Surgery) and Cybergrind (Cutting Pink with Knives, Genghis Tron, iamerror), but here I’ll focus only on Porngrind, a microgenre that is fixated on, as you may have already surmised, pornographic lyrical themes.

Understand that the reason I picked this one out is only because I’ve already had the dubious honor of doing a Porngrind logo years ago (don’t ask!) and I was able to use that one as a base to draw upon. I think the logo speaks for itself so that I need not elaborate on it.

Due to the graphic NSFW nature of the sample logo, we thought it best to not display the sample logo in full-frame view, but for those interested, you can see it here.

It’s a genre so base and vile, you won’t be able to find most bands on Spotify. Luckily, there’s still Youtube …

Some Porngrind bands to check out:
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  • Gut
  • Rompeprop
  • Spasm

  • Grindcore

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