Grindcore is one of the heavier microgenres. It fuses elements of Thrash and Death as well as Crust and Hardcore, and does away with things like standard time signatures, creating a negative synergy where one plus one usually equals less than two. No wonder, then, that Grindcore logos look crude and unfinished at best. But all is not bad either, for great (to some) is the genre’s fondness for puerile humor and disgusting aesthetics, with visual references to scathology and other bodily functions. In short, think of Grindcore aesthetics as the typographic equivalent of a schoolboy’s fantasies. This may also help explain the heavy usage of color and texture. Kids love color. Right? I wouldn’t know, I’m not a father. I’m also not a Grindcore expert. Luckily, I know someone who is.

Melle Gerritsen, Grindcore fan extraordinaire, has this to say:

(In part translated and in part parahrased): “Grindcore sucks, and all the fans know it. The sum is less than its parts – and covered in excrement.”


Some Grindcore bands to check out:

Deathgrind Porngrind

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