Crossover Genres

When it comes to crossover genres, certain genres, or elements of them, are more likely to “crossover” than others. As it with fashion, so it is with Extreme Metal: Black goes with everything. Indeed, you can find bands that play Blackened Death (Akercocke, Angelcorpse, Belphegor), Blackened Death-Doom (Bölzer, Necros Christos, Soulburn), Blackened Speed (Bulldozer, Exorcist, Sodomizer), Blackened Thrash (Aura Noir, Deströyer 666, Witchery), Blackened Grindcore (Absvrdist, Sunlight’s Bane, Vomit Fist), Blackened Noise (Enbilulugugal, Gnaw Your Tongue, Sutekh Hexen), Blackened Sludge (Inter Arma, Lord Mantis, Tombs), the list goes on. This actually makes sense when you think about it.

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Blackened Death Metal

While “Blackened Death” may seem like a pleonasm, since black is associated with death in most occidental cultures (that’s western cultures, you dumbass), the genre divide between Black and Death Metal makes it so that we need a term by which to speak about bands that cross the divide; hence the term “Blackened Death.” This paragraph, however, is actually wholly redundant.

Blackened Death

Blackened Death Metal is usually straight-up Death Metal, but with lyrics that deal with Satanism and the Occult. The logos reflect just that: often these are run-of-the-mill Death logos, with the only difference being the inclusion of, say, an inverted cross, a pentagram, or devil horns.

Some Blackened Death bands to check out:

Death Metal War Metal

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