Thrash Metal

Abrasive. Loud. Extremely fast yet still precise, with impeccable sense of timing. If judging by these words alone, it may sound like I’m describing a Dutch olympian – a speed skater or a cyclist, perhaps. But we’re talking music, aren’t we? I’m talking Thrash Metal, of course, which means I’m talking yet another extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal.

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Of course, Thrash Metal has its own aesthetics, too. Generally speaking, Thrash logos tend to have straight, sharp edges that reflect the tightness and controlled nature of the music’s rhythms.4 (You know, tight and controlled … like a murderer carving their name in a victim’s chest.5 Don’t give me that look. How else is one supposed to purify Metal from commercialism?) Indeed, some exceptions aside, there is no softness to be found in them whatsoever – there is only hardness.

US Thrash

It can be difficult to differentiate between a US Thrash band and a German one; perhaps the only clue is that US Thrash logos are more likely to have hints or elements of symmetry (because Americans love symmetry in all things except the balance of power) and interconnectedness to them. Come to think of it, they may also have more likelihood of having an outline or “halo” surrounding the letters.

Thrash Metal

Some US Thrash bands to check out:

Bay Area Thrash Metal Florida Death Metal Teutonic Thrash Metal Teutonic Thrash Metal Teutonic Thrash Metal

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