Groove Metal

Groove Metal is an off-shoot of Thrash. The riffs are thrashy, but the tempos are slower – down from 200 to a more danceable 135 beats-per-minutes on average. Of course this all relative, since I’ve danced to Emperor’s “With Strength I Burn” that clocks in at 167 BPM; but you won’t ever catch me dancing to, say, Pantera’s “Cowboys from Hell” that clocks in at only 115 BPM.

Because Groove Metal is a softened-up version of Thrash, it’s only obvious that bands in this genre have a “softer” logo. And what is softer than a metal? Exactly – wood. So I gave this one a wooden finish. (Honestly, I had no idea what I was supposed to do with Groove Metal. So I took some cues from Pantera and White Zombie and this is what it resulted in.)

Groove Metal

Some Groove Metal bands to check out:

Faux Metal US Thrash Metal

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