Ecumenical Metal

Sitting comfortably between the worlds of Black and White Metal, the Occult and Christianity, occupying their own niche genre called Ecumenical Metal, we find Psalmtanic. Their music is best described as, “What if we take psalms, preferably the more dark and grim ones lyrically, and give them a metal makeover.”1 It was a success, judging by the several positive Youtube comments on their videos. Lisa Vogel, for example, had this to say:

“🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘. Wunderschön atmosphärisch,episch ,exzellent .👍👌👌👌”

And if we can’t trust Lisa Vogel, who then can we trust?

Their logo is a tongue-in-cheek riff on the Emperor logo, featuring crosses both upright and inverted, a “black hole sun” and a white crescent moon – as if to metaphorically signal, “Day is night, and night is day” – and a candle for good measure.

Ecumenical Metal

Full disclosure: I did Psalmtanic’s logo. They were the first Norwegian-based band to give me a shot at doing illustrative work. So my hat’s off to them.

That one single Ecumenical band to check out:

Black Metal Ecumenical Metal

[1] S. (unknown). The Progressive Subway: Interview: Psalmtanic., 2020.

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