Nintendocore (a term originally, apparently jokingly, coined by Nathan Winneke, lead vocalist of HORSE the band) is a derivative form of Metalcore that fuses typical Metalcore elements – i.e. mosh-friendly breakdowns and the screams of a prepubescent teenager – with the sound of 1980s chiptune music. In other words, if it were a Jeopardy question, it would be: “What music won’t get you laid?”

By having one leg firmly planted in the Metalcore community, whose members are 90 percent male, insofar as we can call angsty emoboys male, and the other resting with fans of 8-bit music, who let’s be honest, are most probably Millennial nerds and neckbeards – this means that the sheer fact of being part of the scene renders one’s chances of meeting women at all essentially nil. Indeed, those long entrenched in this microgenre know all to well that Nintendocore really isn’t “baby making music.” The best one could hope for is a dry hump on the dance floor from a netgeek wearing a fedora.

But I haven’t put this guide together just so I could lambast the lifestyles of Nintendocore fans and musicians or ridicule them for their life-decisions. That’s only part of it. The other part is that I want to show you how to do a basic Nintendocore logo.

It’s quite simple, really. Just download a free font like Scream When You’re Ready To Die. Yeah. Yeah, that’s a cool 8-bit font, and you see it’s perfect because a name like that would also make for a great Nintendocore band name – perfect in case you were still looking for one. To be sure, you run the risk the font’s been overused, so you may want to make some tweaks. I didn’t. After doing 50 logos, it’s no longer on like Donkey Kong™. That’s right. I’m done and I’m going to do what Nintendon’t – call it quits.


Some Nintendocore bands to check out:


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