Metalcore is another one of those “negative synergy” fusion genres that combines the worst elements of Extreme Metal and Hardcore Punk. Still it’s what all the cool kids – and only kids – are listening to these days so I don’t know. (Really, don’t ask me why. I’m probably getting old.)

Anyway, the design process of a Metalcore logo can best be described as follows: After a band commissions you to do a logo, you do some preliminary sketching, to get a feel of the band’s name, and at some point you probably send them out for approval. Now usually these preliminary sketches serve both as the scaffolding upon which the definitive lettering is superimposed and as a guide for any additional typographic style information. But with Metalcore logos, you leave the sketches “as is.” There is no further work done on the logo.


Some Metalcore bands to check out:

Nintendocore Nu Metal

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