Djent. I know it’s a spin-off from Progressive Metal; but what is it, really? Literally no one knows. But you know what it is when you hear it. (The drumming starts off slow, then accelerates in bursts. Padummm dum dum doom! padummm dum dum doom! Shortly after, the singer’s whiny vocals kick in …) And unless you’re a Metal Hipster, you probably won’t like it. Indeed, it is one of two genres that attracts a high proportion of Hipsters. You probably never heard of the other one. You haven’t – it’s so underground, it’s not even “indie.”

Djent logos are often deluged with “coffee stains.” This is not necessarily a conscious design choice. It’s simply because a lotta accidents happen when you spend your time writing songs in an independent urban coffee bar.


Some Djent bands to check out:

Progressive Metal

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