The term “avant-garde” is often used synonymously with “sophisticated.” And, certainly, this label holds true for (most) bands playing in this nebulous genre that comprises a range of different (sub)genres. In fact, it comprises of so many heterogeneous (sub)genres that “Avant-Garde” as a genre label has very little meaning aside from, “These guys and gals really know how to play their instruments!”

Funnily enough however, whilst Avant-Garde bands most likely, definitely, absolutely display technical virtuosity, they tend to have the least inspired, let alone sophisticated, logos. More than often they have plain wordmarks. Even more damning is that they seemingly always have an inexplicable preference for the Abaddon type (or something very close to it). But maybe it just came with their Angelfire website and they decided to stick with it ever since.

Avant-Garde Metal

Some Avant-Garde Metal bands to check out:

Progressive Metal

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