Whenever I see a genre name ending with “-core,” I immediately envision who play this genre: angsty 20-somethings with shoulder-length hair that is styled from a side part and who for some goofy reason offer standardized Death Metal riffing with a Metalcore twist. Everything about it sucks.

Yes, even the logos suck! (But what else did you expect from guys who think that having a side part is a good look for a guy – or for anyone, really.) It’s like they grew up with post-2000s Tech Death, thinking, hey, this looks cool! This is how a Death Metal logo should look like. (Spoiler: it doesn’t.) They differentiate themselves from bands in this genre by how they style the logo: they always do this by adding a drip and sometimes a grainy filter. Oh, and they also like adding an incongruent symbol to their logo, just because.


Some Deathcore bands to check out:

Death Metal Metalcore

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