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This weekend, I was drinking with the guys from Pandemonial, and at one point, one of them said to the other something along the lines of, “You should send Gerrit some music.” The answer came swiftly: “No. Not before it’s mastered.” “But it may serve as the inspiration for the logo.” Little did he know that I usually always go about my work without listening to a band’s music.

In part this is because I’m, well – usually always the last to hear the music, sometimes for no other reason than that I often start working on a band’s logo even before the band has started recording. But it’s also because I’m not always in the mood for Black or Death Metal or whatever. In fact, recently I developed a taste for more subdued Doom Metal and yes, even a bit more poppy music.

It began when Funeral Void put out their debut album, In The Epic Ov A Funeral Sunset. This got me listening to Draconian – a lot more than I ever had before. Their last album, Under a Godless Veil, was like a gateway drug to similar related albums, such as Light Field Reverie’s Another World, which I listen to on a daily basis. It’s simply fantastic! Ephemeral, melancholic, it goes straight to the feels.

A while ago, I read an interview with Johannes Andersson (Tribulation) in which he mentioned a certain Nicole Sabouné with whom at the time I was unfamiliar with. But now, after having listened to her 2015 album, Miman on repeat over and over again endlessly for weeks on end – yeah, I guess you can consider me a fan.

And just now I was listening to ChvrchesLove Is Dead, because why not?

No, I know. I don’t know what’s happening to me, either. Perhaps I’m still evolving. (Into what? Who knows?) If ever you want to see me evolve even further, then feel free to recommend me some similar music.