The Way of the Goat

In other news, I’ve just sent another version of the Pandemonial logo for approval to the band’s creative force. I know he loves goat heads, but even he may feel this is a bit too much. So it may not end up being the definitive version, but it sure is my favorite one.


I built in a little easter egg. If you don’t know where to look it’s hard to find; but it is there, and it should transform the total image – if it works as intended. If you want to know my intention, you can find out below.

(Click to expand) I added two hidden "eyes" above the letters D and N. If you focus on these, you should be able to (faintly) discern the seal of Baphomet, which gives the logo a hidden occult quality -- which, in turn, implies the existence of hidden blasphemous power. But maybe it's a bit pretentious to but it like that. At any rate I think it looks cool.