Conceptual Render

Based on a napkin sketch provided by the artist, I did an initial logo concept in Blender. Concept Render

Various Logo Concepts

I then did came up with some new logo concepts. Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept Logo Concept

Final Logo Concept

Based on the feedback given to me, I did one last logo concept. Final Concept

Final Logotype

I then started work on the final – print-friendly – logotype. Logotype

Keyline Version

I added a keyline border to make it even more “clean” and readable. Keyline Version

Two-Dimensional Perspective Render

I also wanted to create a print-friendly version that wasn’t so flat. So I rendered the logo in perspective by hand in Clip Studio Paint, using the 3D model as a reference. One-Point Perspective

Definitive Version

For this final version, I went back to Blender. I wrote a custom shader to give the logo a weathered metallic look. Definitive Version