An Invited Talk

My friends, I’m as tired of ‘Illegible Semantics’ as you are; but the chapter is not yet closed on this paper thing.

A while ago, me and my wife got invited by the Digital Lab at the University of Bergen Library to talk about metal logos from a designer and data-driven perspective, and of course we said yes. (There are some things you don’t say no to.) The event info page just went up, so I guess it’s official.

It’s still surreal to me that people actually want to hear us talk about this particular subject – and not just any people but scientists and academics. But I’m happy to find people willing to take the subject seriously. Because it is a cool and interesting subject that deserves attention! (Though some would disagree. An administrator of a Norwegian Facebook page dedicated to all things Heavy Metal, for example, told me the subject shouldn’t be overthought. How someone firmly entrenched in the scene could even say that, I still find a little mind-boggling. But whatever …)