Pandemonial: 'Are You Still Working on That?'

Today is all about going back to old school.

You heard it here first. I just got the go ahead from Pandemonial. The sketch (below) was approved, so now I can start working my magic.


In other news …

I attended Beyond the Gates this weekend. It’s an annual black metal-festival held in Bergen, the cradle of Norwegian black metal. (Don’t worry. It was all very corona-friendly, with a somewhat limited number of people attending, mandatory mask wearing, etc.) It was my first festival experience since this whole pandemic started – and it was my first taste of normality since I don’t know how long, or it felt like that to me. And it has reinvigorated me indescribably! Feels like I can take on the world again and accomplish just about anything … except maybe establish an online presence.

On that note, I just read this article at The Guardian about the death knell of Instagram’s creatives. It’s a sad story – but all too true!

Right now, I’m contemplating making the switch from Instagram to Artfol, though I don’t know what good it’ll do. But I suppose it’s always worth the experiment. Maybe I should create a profile and monitor the analytics of my site traffic, and blog about it later … Maybe I just need to focus on putting out more content.